Life On The Hudson – Sailor Twain

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In the beginning of the graphic novel you get a sense of a mystery or tragedy that will unfold as you read along. I was enticed to say the least with this comic since I really love the idea of starting at the end or the middle then making your way back to piece everything together, so I knew I’d really enjoy this book.

One of the major aspects portrayed in the book was life on a steamboat and the Hudson. We met the crew members and got a sense of most of their pasts. Sailor Twain prides himself on being a good captain and Lafayette just followed in his family’s footsteps. Twain seems to let his title as captain rule his life since he constantly leaves his wife Pearl for long periods of time and seems to have no remorse. Lafayette as well doesn’t like to leave the boat and it just shows how life on the Hudson takes some people over completely. The passengers are also illustrated well in the beginning of the graphic novel. Life on the Hudson was portrayed well through the passengers and how rich they all were. Overall life on the Hudson and steamboats alike was portrayed mainly through the lifestyles and choices of the characters within the novel. Choices as leaving their loved ones behind, not leaving the ship at all, and getting on board as a crew member or passenger in the first ship just shows you what type of people those mentioned really are.