1942 was the year that Rose and Angela became best friends.

The two women had more than they thought in common. After having both come from the Ukraine to start a new life in New York City the two became neighbors in their building on the Lower East Side. The two ladies were born in the winter of 1870, they both met their husbands in school and got married at the age of 20, and they each had one daughter and two grandchildren.

They were neighbors for 42 years and had only ever smiled at each other in the hall and exchanged hello’s and small talk about the weather. But all that changed in the spring of 1941 when their daughters began working again.

Naturally, Angela and Rose had offered to look after their grandchildren while their daughters headed to work in the clothing factory they had just started in. Now with two little young kids running around the small apartment, the only peace and quiet the two ladies could find without leaving the place was at their fire escapes which served as a combination of a window sill and a balcony in New York City.

At first, they two had laughed off the coincidence of encountering each other at the red staircases on the exterior of their apartment, but then the visits became more frequent and the topics of conversation got more personal.

So each afternoon, at exactly two, Rose and Angela had their favorite interactions of the day with one another as they spoke about their life back in the Ukraine, their husbands, the daughters, their grandchildren, and their interests.

All the stress the ladies carried was relieved with the advice they gave each other and the laughs they shared.



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