National Museum of the American Indian

This past Monday I visited the National Museum of the American Indian all the way downtown by Whitehall Street and it was a great learning experience.

The entrance to the museum was free and I saw many beautiful things before I even got to the exhibits, there was one room where the ceiling was absolutely stunning and it was very impressive to think everything was done by hand. When I actually got to the exhibits I tried to keep an eye on things that related to the last comic book I had read, Journey into Mohawk Country, which was about the Iroquois in New York State and the journey of three Dutch men meeting some of the tribes. The two photos above were found in the Plains section, far from New York but I could’ve imagined the Iroquois tribes having maps and clothing of the same type. The artwork/map on the animal skin above were used to tell stories and travel in the tribes that corresponded to them. It made me think that the Native American’s in Upstate New York used similar maps since throughout the whole story the Dutch never noted any of the Native American’s using maps and they seemed to just track past travelers or they just knew where to go and having those types of maps seems to explain how they managed to do so. The clothing in the other photo seems like the type of clothing shown in the comic book when they traveled, not when they stayed at home, and it was interesting to see such clothing in person rather than just on the colorful pages of the graphic novel I read. All in all, the trip was beyond interesting and informative on the lives of the Native American’s that inhabited this land far before the Europeans that came after.


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