Hometown Hero

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After school on Wednesday (and after some thorough investigating throughout the day), I headed over to Sunnyside the day after the cast and crew of Spider-Man: Homecoming arrived. They had just filmed in Astoria the day before and the day after they headed over to the studios in Long Island City to film some explosions.

So I arrived at the supposed house of Peter Parker where they were filming earlier and I met some kid named Bryan who was just as ready and eager to meet Tom Holland as I was so we quickly did some more investigating in front of the fake Pizza Hut and Cricket that was just built for the movie and we headed over two blocks East.

We arrived just as they were about to start rehearsal for a stunt scene. We crossed the street and waited in the crowd till Tom came out. And when he did finally come out onto the fire escape we were all paying attention to, I yelled. If you haven’t already noticed I love the kid so much.

So we all cheered and waved and he waved back before going back in to change. Bryan and I were dying for attention from our fave so we waved for ten minutes straight, just us two in the crowd of people until he finally waved at us. Yes, Tom Holland waved at me. My life is complete.

After rehearsing a bit, Tom finally went back into the building a second time to suit up and finally start the actual stunt.

Spider-Man is sat at the edge of a fire escape while eating a sandwich or burger or something. He then answers his phone and talks for a bit before dropping his food. He goes after his food, sticks onto the fire escape, and shoots out a web to recover the snack before jumping back onto the edge of the fire escape.

If that doesn’t say Peter Parker, I don’t know what does.

I would’ve posted videos, but I got pretty vulgar and I was yelling the whole time in them so I decided against it.

I stayed for the whole rehearsal until they stopped at 7 for “lunch.” They finally filmed after they ate but I was long gone by then.

My friend Byran got to stay the whole night since he lived two blocks from where they were shooting and he got a handshake from Tom when they wrapped up!

I had one of the best days ever and I just wanted to share my adventure with Spider-Man before the movie comes out next summer.

P.S. I also saw Harry, Tom’s best friend, and it was amazing! He filmed the whole crowd at the end of rehearsals to show Tom and Tom later said on Instagram that he had the most rewarding day thanks to us!



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